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Image by FlamingText.com
Image by FlamingText.com

 Stevie-Rish Buzzbys

A renamed page for their many friends


Fenals area of Lloret de mar 



14/02/11 We were all shocked to hear of Stevies death in an accident in Vietnam

This page has been viewed 100s of times since by people who cared for him as a friend

people that have passed on messages and comments about shared memories

Lloret de mar wont be the same anymore for a lot of folk, so have a look at some happy days

and then in the future maybe you will be able to look and smile 

 26/02/11 It was agreed with a family member to add some of the memorial photo's to the bottom of this page due to the sheer numbers viewing the Buzzbys page which after all is just an advert, more appropriate with the pics x 


There is to be a service to celebrate Stevies life in Lloret de mar on Saturday 26th March

.......more details from Stevies sister Julie below:


We are finally taking Stevie back home to Spain tomorrow. His final journey where we can scatter his ashes and let him be the free spirit he has always been. We are looking forward to opening Buzzby's on Saturday and having a toast with all his many friends sharing the laughter and tears but most importantly celebrating his life.

Our lives have been made brighter by having you here,
The happy memories you've left, we will always hold dear,
Every single one of us has a special thought of you,
and when it gets too much these memories pull us through.
You ment so much to so many people, a friend, a brother, a son,
Your twinkeling eyes, your laughing face, always full of fun.
Its been a pleasure knowing you, and we should not think of you as being 'gone'
for in every single one of us, love and memories will always live on.

Julie x x







Owner Stevie has lived in lloret for over 30 years 





The 'Buzzby babes' 





There is a very good snack bar next door to

Buzzbys (bag of chips to keep the kids happy) but

even more welcome at 3.00 am  (ish) closing time !

 Buzzbys officially twinned with:







Lovely regulars! 






                         Stevie & some friends




























































No comments, no dates, no names...just random Stevie









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