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Image by FlamingText.com



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Pictures of coastline and the old town of Old Lloret de mar

 Lloret de mar 1950s holiday....click 


If you have any old pictures of Lloret Hotels or their staff or if you worked in a Lloret hotel

...how much did you earn? were the tips good? Please contact me:

Maggie Vinall   cheerslloret@googlemail.com


l'hotel Costa Brava/ Hotel Marsol



Old Lloret Hotels

A lot of the 'old' photos that follow are from the fantastic collection of  Rafel Roig de Llobet

we should be very grateful that he has shared them with us all because its a rare treat to see the real Lloret de mar.


The photograph on the left:

 l'Hotel Costa Brava any 1934 avuí Hotel Marsol

And below is the lounge of the same hotel..look how elegant it is.





The picture below is a 1950s photo of the Hotel Costa Encantada if you know anything about the history of this hotel could you contact me please as Tony Porter is trying to trace information about the original owners possibly the drets family?? more information:

       click  Lloret de mar 1950s holidays 



 Tony now believes that this may be a picture of Mr and Mrs Drets...do you know them please?? 

     click  Lloret de mar 1950s holidays 


This later photograph of the hotel Costa Encantada on the left was sent to me by

 Rafel Roig de Llobet

Mr Tony Porter holidayed there in the 1950s with his parents Henry & Dorothy Porter & brother.

They were great friends with the owners at the time Tony believes the names were Antonio Drets who had four daughters, one of whom  was called  'Mercedes' and the youngest 'Anna Maria' Marie?


Hotel La Palma/Hotel Miramar




Rosamar Hotel 



 Marta Suarez shares this with us:


Hoy pase un dia estupendo ,en LLoret paseando con mi Padre el tiene 90 años y una memoria estupenda.


en Lloret existia un bar llamado Mai Tanquis alli se encontraban los marineros y pescadores ,en ese bar empezaron a trabajar unos Hermanos ,Mallorquines y cuando ganaron lo suficiente Alquilaron una Pension que le Nombraron Rosamar.
y de alli adelante empezo a funcionar con Turismo ....


mi Padre me hizo reir mucho hoy contandome anecdotas ,de antes al principio a la gente le daba miedo alquilar habitaciones a gente que hablase una lengua extranjera . desconocian que el futuro de lloret estaba ahí vivir del Turismo estamos hablando de hace muchos años .



 Carabela Hotel





Hotel Comercio


Hotel Coral


Hotel Adriano


Hotel Fanals


Rigat Park Hotel





I will continue to add information about the above hotels and if YOU know about them please Email me, thank you. 



 A special selection of photographs from Joaquin Lleonart  Vendrell

showing the staff of the Frigola Hotel Lloret de mar at work

and at play in the 1960/70s

Joaquin Lleonart Maitre hotel en 1969 con Ado un camarero del Bar del Hotel Flamingo , foto tomada en 1969 al fondo esta el Hotel Frigola antiguo dos años antes de ser derribano y edificar lo que hoy en dia es 




En esta foto tomada en el año 1970 en el Hotel Flamingo podemos ver a Valentin Martin Jefe de Barra del Hotel casado con Lynda, tambien esta Angel que todaviaa vive en Lloret habiendo sido muchos años Jefe de Barra de la Cafeteria Royal y propietario de lo que hoy es la peña del Real Madrid tambien esta Antonio Paco que trabajo en el Park y yo que ejerciaa de maitre Hotel


 Foto tomada el verano del año 1969 en el Bar del Hotel Flamingo , Yo con camareros del Bar y dos clientes del Hotel


Esta simpatica foto fue tomada en el año 1969 en la picina del Hotel     Flamingo , al fondo el otro maitre y alguna de las camareras esperando que bajaran los Sres. clientes para servirles el Desayuno 


 head barman Joaquin pictured here with the head waiter & a friend 


 Looks like Hotel Frigola had party nights!!




 More pics from Joaquin Lleonart Vendrell click to enlarge:

Flamingo/Frigola Hotels 

       The Flamingo Hotel in 1969 

   The Flamingo/Frigola Hotels today 

Hotel Blanca Aurora 


This 1970 picture is from the collection of Rafel Roig de Llobet



 Hotel Don Quijote/Royal Beach



Hotel Don Quijote featured in a 1976 holiday brochure 



The price in 1976?

Tha above prices are in Pounds sterling 

The hotel is now The Royal Beach



Astoria Park Hotel 





1970s Astoria Park Hotel

Top pic...Not too different today!

- maybe the clothes in the bar are!


 Hotel Copacabana


1970s Copacaba Hotel 

The new pictures show that the balconies and french windows have been completely replaced and I'm sure the clothes in the bar are very different today!





If you have any old pictures of Lloret Hotels or their staff or if you worked in a Lloret hotel

...how much did you earn? were the tips good? Please contact me:

Maggie Vinall   cheerslloret@googlemail.com

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