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Lloret de mar 1950s holiday 


The beautiful photographs below are from Mr Tony Porter who currently lives in Australia but holidayed in Lloret with his family in the 1950s they are a wonderful reminder of days gone by but Tony is also interested in the people that they met and knew so many years ago and so you will notice questions throughout the page..perhaps you know the answers?? please contact me, Maggie Vinall if you can help cheerslloret@googlemail.com  




 Lets get to Lloret! 


 Tradair flight from Southend to Perpignan

en route to the Costa Brava

There were no Costa Brava airports at that time and so the holidaymakers landed at Perpignan airport and travelled by coach to Lloret de mar


The aircraft were Vikings and the Tradair Vikings were purchased and put into service when the  King George VI fleet was sold off (minus royal momentoes) and in fact the two largest seats 'King and Queen' could be found in the Porter home! the airline was formed in 1959 and went into liquidation in 1962.

There were earlier package tours in the early-mid 1950s operated by 'Airwork' from several airports in Britain


Tony tells us that there were no allocated seats in those days and they chose to board last because the passengers embarked at the tail of the plane and were directed to the front, the last boarders were closer to the galley and toilets and got quicker service.

The passengers then travelled by coach for the road trip through the border customs and onto Lloret,

Tony remembers some 'hair raising' sections of road alongside the cliffs

Below is the Hotel Costa Encantada

Tonys father Henry Porter 

Mother, Dorothy Porter


The Hotel Costa Encantada was a favourite of the Porters and the owners became great family friends..they are pictured below, do you know where they are now??




 HELP please, The Porters were friends of the 1950s owners of the 'Encantada' the 'Drets' family..Antonio Drets had four daughters one of whom was called Mercedes and the youngest Anna Maria, does anyone know what became of the 'Drets'? Tony believes Antonio was interested in local politics and of course they were the owners of one of the first hotels involved in early tourism in Lloret de mar

Old Lloret Hotels.....click




  The 'Drets' girls pictured in 1959


Below a picture that includes Joe Schultz a gentleman that invested a lot of money in early Lloret de mar tourism


Do you know any of these Lloret faces please





I think many of these places are still recognisable but look how quiet the streets are, this really was early tourism

Imagine how different the shops and goods were to anything offered in Britain at the time





 Tony is pictured on the fishing boat 'Lola' was this your boat??

The couple above on the left were from Kew in London anyone remember or know them please??



Very different from the English seaside!


1. from the left, ? engaged to Marie or Maria, ? daughter of lady far right , Marie or Maria engaged to the chap on the left, Henry Porter, lady who was a cook for Airwork airlines.

2. The lovely Marie or Maria who babysat for Tony and his brother whilst their parents enjoyed Llorets nightlife!

3. Tonys brother Terry outside the Adriano Hotel..did you know the owner??

4. This couple were engaged to be married, the man is called Peter and the lady was a former vogue fashion model, Its possible Peters father owned the Hotel Adriano


Tony tells us: "On the walk from the Costa Encantada to the nearest beach we would walk along the dusty tracks and I can still smell the fennel (?) that grew alongside the road. I call it a road but no cars ever passed along it as far as I can recall and virtually no people either. However we would see people working in the fields and on one occasion my father stopped to ask them what their crop might be. Turned out it was - I think - ground nuts or peanuts, they would greet us after that and offer us handfuls of nuts" recognise anyone please?



More pics with Tonys family and some locals do you recognise anyone??



A change of holiday accommodation Lloret de Dalt


Its possible that the owner of the Adriano Hotel also owned this property..do you know?


The distinguished gentleman below is Harold Henry Porter, Henry to everyone 

 this letter clearly credits Henry with the invention of the ITX (Inclusive tour excursions) which opened the way for package tours to European (mainly Spanish) resorts in the 1950s. It was adopted by the likes of (Sir) Freddie Laker who's BUA (British United Airways) bought out the company for which Henry worked as PA to the MD of Tredair Tony was led to believe that Laker offered Henry a position when he heard they were leaving the U.K but Australia called...another adventure!



A massive thank you to Tony Porter for sharing his family (Tony himself, father Henry Porter, mother Dorothy and brother Terry)  holiday photographs    

they offer a fascinating glimpse of a time gone by.








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